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Thanksgiving . . . good or bad? Part 2

Some of you might not have family close and/or prefer to be with friends (aka the family you choose). I did that one year in my youth (probably way too young) and my friends arrived late, forgot food items they were supposed to bring and drank way more alcohol than they ate. I have heard grea

Thanksgiving . . . good or bad? Part 1

Three days from now most of us will be gathered around a table with family. Some of us will be thankful to be surrounded by family, glad we are together to relax for four days and maybe by Sunday not so sure we are ready to do this again in less than a month. Others might be spending the holiday

America First? Part 2

We have so many problems to fix in our own country first before we can even consider taking in refugees and providing for them. Our budget? The fighting between political parties? No increase in living funds for elderly (even though its their money)? The state of care for our Veterans? The large

America First? Part 1

Today our President has called concerned American citizens cowards in Turkey. Our own President is calling people names, like a child, when we are simply trying to prevent 9/11 being repeated or worse. We have cause to be concerned! We have the right as American citizens to reject a threat being

No to Refugees! Part 2

I, as an American, am not happy that President Obama is the cause for all these homeless foreigners. He was the one who butt his nose into a country and a concern that did not involve Americans. Now thanks to him providing weapons and training to future terrorist, Syria now has a huge problem wit

No to Refugees! Part 1

Over half of the Governors in America have now told President Obama they refuse to accept any Syrian refugees unless they are fully investigated first. Our FBI warned us last week that currently its just not possible to screen them all. Only about half the men between 18-45. One of the terrorist

Baby and Child CPR Classes Part 2

One thing I did enjoy hearing at the  infant safety course was the nurses ,discussing for the first time,  not taking baby out in public for the first few months. One nurse even said wait until the first immunizations and babys immune system has time to develop (which occurs around 6

Baby and Child CPR Classes Part 1

I finally took my Baby CPR class today and really enjoyed most of what I learned. My husband and I both had taken CPR for adults years before but never for babies (and we did not remember if there had been any training for babies). They also taught child chocking basics and a few basic safety tip

30 Weeks Pregnant and Counting Part 2

Episiotomy cuts and tears are rare unless it is your first child, most are numbed before they are cut and seriously not that bad at all ( I personally felt it was the smallest deal in birthing). If you are still worried you can use olive oil to help stretch your perineal area in the last month (

30 Weeks Pregnant and Counting Part 1

30 weeks of pregnancy and where is baby now? As you enter week 30 of pregnancy your baby now measures 15.7 inches and weighs about 3 pounds (about the size of a large cabbage). Around this time baby will be head down (towards the cervix) getting ready for his/her birth. Your last Ultrasound

Open Carry in Texas Part 2

After hearing a few of the concerns from licensed carriers I worry that a small few might be confrontational about showing their licence , as required by law, to an officer who has been called by a concerned citizen. I can understand being upset about having to deal with showing your right to car

Open Carry in Texas Part 1

Starting in January of 2016 in Texas , citizens with a licence , may open carry a gun. For the last twenty years Texans have had the right to carry weapons with a concealed weapon license and have done so very responsibly (less than 1% of licensed carriers have broken the law in the last 20 years

HERO Voted Down in Houston Part 2 Religion

I also did not agree with religion being part of the ordinance. Why should a preacher turn over his sermons for approval? Why should a preacher fear being arrested or held accountable for his religious beliefs? Many of my friends for the Hero ordinance said " Oh no! It also protects religion!" Bu

HERO Voted Down in Houston Part 1 Bathrooms

On November 3rd we had a big election state wide and one important vote in Houston city limits. State wide we had the property tax issue, Hunting rights and many road improvement up for a vote and thankfully they all passed. The most important two in my opinion was keeping our right to hunt and t

Black lives Matter or All lives Matter Part 2

Some of the extreme groups have called for people to start killing cops of all colors recently. A few weeks after the first radio program was aired with this ignorance a cop in Texas was killed in cold blood, execution style,at a gas station. He left behind a wife and two young kids. His killer w
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