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25 weeks pregnant and counting

In the 25th week of pregnancy the baby has eyelashes, although the color of the eyes is not yet fully developed, as some pigments need light to finish forming. Therefore, your baby's eyes may change during the first weeks of life.The eye color needs light to finish forming. Therefore,

24 weeks pregnant and counting

With 24 weeks of pregnancy, the first external stimuli are coming to the fetus. Almost all children (hearing, smell, taste buds and nerves of touch) sensory organs are ripe. This step is key because your baby begins to interpret the world, to interact, explore, learn. For starters, it is fa

The History of Illegal Immigrants Part 2

Ask many of them and will tell you that it's worth taking the risk. Usually, they leave behind what they have or sell their belongings for the opportunity to start again. Due to increased security measures and better technology, it is more difficult to cross the border. Some lose their lives whil

The History of Illegal Immigrants Part 1

 While illegal immigration remains a serious problem in the United States, other countries around the world are also being affected. You can enter a country illegally or entered legally initially and then violate the conditions for their stay. Examples include individ

Refugee Crisis from Hungary through Europe

Several months ago we saw hundreds of thousands of refugees swarm into Hungary. After Hungary refused immigrant status ( therefor not allowing the refugees free government assistance) many fought to continue on to other Eurpean countries that would offer free help without having to work or worry

Refugee crisis sweeps towards Europe

Federal Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU) has spoken out against the background of the refugee crisis for reaching out to Turkey. When was currently spoken across borders and "move boundaries", this does not concern the German-Austrian border, but the "Turkey-Greece region,"

Syrian refugees

Should we talk to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad? This question, which would have probably answered west of St Petersburg a year ago vehemently with No most politicians, is repositioning itself by the refugee crisis. Angela Merkel also has now joined to those European politicians who spea

Christian refugees only

Slovakia will prefer to accept on its territory Christians refugees and not Muslims, based on the European plan for the relocation of people who leave their countries to escape war and poverty and seeking asylum in Europe, said the interior ministry .Ministry spokesman explained

The 45 second stare of shame

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a special video address Jerusalem Post conference held today (Sunday) in New York, which addressed the emerging final agreement with Iran, saying that "a better deal is still possible. It's not too late.""To prevent Iran from being able to

Putin picking up Obama s slack

Officials in Washington have not taken any serious attempts to explain Putin's gain Russian support for the government of Bashar Assad need to fight with the group "Islamic State". The US State Department does not allow an alliance with the Assad regime, US analysts warned Moscow against re

A traditional alfredo receipe

Fettuccine Alfredo Butter 250g    Grated Parmesan cheese 350 g    Salt 1/8 tsp.    Pasta cooking water: enough to cover pasta and allow a little extra for evaporation    Pepper (optional) 1/

3 Different receipe s for delicious mini crab cakes

Mini Crab cakes  /feeds  6 people     300g canned crab     2 cloves garlic     3 eggs     130 g flour     90 g of grated cheese   

Putin s issue with Syria Part 2

Over the past two years, Putin hoped Assad would do the same thing that Putin once did in Chechnya, to crush the rebellion of the opposition. Remembering the brutal suppression of the uprising Hafez al-Assad, Bashar's father, Putin suggested that the regime did not have any problems with the pres

Putin s issues with Syria Part 1

The Syrian crisis has become the best illustration of imperfection reset policy relations between the US and Russia, which conducted the Obama administration. During the year, the US tried to cooperate with Russia to find a way to put an end to violence in Syria. Moscow flatly refused to support

Slovakia has a right to refuse Muslim refugees

Slovakia has announced it will not accept any Muslim refugees because the Slovak politicians justify themselves by explaining that there are very few Muslims in Slovakia, there are no mosques, so that these Muslim refugees could not integrate. Indeed, Muslims account for only 0.2% of the populati
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