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America First? Part 2

We have so many problems to fix in our own country first before we can even consider taking in refugees and providing for them. Our budget? The fighting between political parties? No increase in living funds for elderly (even though its their money)? The state of care for our Veterans? The large

America First? Part 1

Today our President has called concerned American citizens cowards in Turkey. Our own President is calling people names, like a child, when we are simply trying to prevent 9/11 being repeated or worse. We have cause to be concerned! We have the right as American citizens to reject a threat being

Open Carry in Texas Part 2

After hearing a few of the concerns from licensed carriers I worry that a small few might be confrontational about showing their licence , as required by law, to an officer who has been called by a concerned citizen. I can understand being upset about having to deal with showing your right to car

Open Carry in Texas Part 1

Starting in January of 2016 in Texas , citizens with a licence , may open carry a gun. For the last twenty years Texans have had the right to carry weapons with a concealed weapon license and have done so very responsibly (less than 1% of licensed carriers have broken the law in the last 20 years

Black lives Matter or All lives Matter Part 2

Some of the extreme groups have called for people to start killing cops of all colors recently. A few weeks after the first radio program was aired with this ignorance a cop in Texas was killed in cold blood, execution style,at a gas station. He left behind a wife and two young kids. His killer w

Black lives Matter or All lives Matter Part 1

Today we have certain preachers and public figures starting this BLM movement in response to a few high profile cases involving black criminals and police officers. Most of the leaders in this movement are well documented to be against any one not black, Muslim or both. They always seem to come f

Should we Allow Stricter Gun Laws? Part 2

 One can be a responsible gun owner. First you take a gun safety course and learn how to handle , load, shoot , clean and safely store your gun of choice. Then you get a special licence that allows you to carry your gun with you. Most licence will allow guns to be carried everywhere except w

Should we Allow Sricter Gun Laws? Part 1

It is our right (thanks to our fore fathers) to bear arms, as stated in the Second Amendment. That was put there on purpose by our fore fathers so at no time in their future could a tyrannical Government take back what they had fought so hard for. . . Freedom. Freedom from England and high taxes.

Google Geman Court Ruling

It is incredibly stupid that the german court has declared that Google has no right to index their images as thumbnails! The companies that sued Google have n

Iranian Serial Killer and Rapist Hung Tehran

PAKDASHT, Iran, 17 March 2005 — An Iranian serial killer convicted of kidnapping, raping and murdering 21 people, most of them little boys, was publicly flogged and hanged south of Tehran yesterday before thousands of spectators, an AFP reporter at the scene said.Mohammad Bijeh,

6 Gang Members Kidnap and Stab to Death Mary-Ann Leneghan

A sixth gang member behind the kidnap and stabbing of Mary-Ann Leneghan has been found guilty of murder.Indrit Krasniqi, 18, of Chiswick, west London, was convicted on Monday. Four men had already been found guilty and a fifth man had admitted the murder.Four of the gang w

NEWARK, New Jersey Serial Killer Donates A Kidney

NEWARK, New Jersey Serial Killer Donates A Kidney -- A judge has agreed to allow a New Jersey serial killer to donate a kidney, but the donor and his doctors have to meet conditions.Superior Court Judge Paul W. Armstrong did not say when Charles Cullen might undergo the operation to r


DAYTONA BEACH Serial Killer — Police in Daytona Beach have more on their minds this year than usual as they brace for the annual onslaught of sun and fun loving college kids headed to this beachfront Mecca for spring break.They're looking for a serial killer, who in just the pas

Narcotics Suspect Gary Brunner Walks in Police Station

SOUTHEAST — It's not often that the target of a narcotics investigation walks into police headquarters to ask if there are any warrants for his arrest.But that's exactly what drug trafficking suspect Gary Brunner of Carmel did when he app

RFK Killer up for parole

FRESNO, California (AP) -- Robert F. Kennedy's killer is eligible for parole this week, and the decision could ultimately rest with Arnold Schwarzenegger, a potential conflict for the governor because he is married to the victim's niece.Sirhan Sirhan shot Kennedy on June 5, 1968, m
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