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Google Geman Court Ruling

It is incredibly stupid that the german court has declared that Google has no right to index their images as thumbnails! The companies that sued Google have n

Iranian Serial Killer and Rapist Hung Tehran

PAKDASHT, Iran, 17 March 2005 — An Iranian serial killer convicted of kidnapping, raping and murdering 21 people, most of them little boys, was publicly flogged and hanged south of Tehran yesterday before thousands of spectators, an AFP reporter at the scene said.Mohammad Bijeh,

6 Gang Members Kidnap and Stab to Death Mary-Ann Leneghan

A sixth gang member behind the kidnap and stabbing of Mary-Ann Leneghan has been found guilty of murder.Indrit Krasniqi, 18, of Chiswick, west London, was convicted on Monday. Four men had already been found guilty and a fifth man had admitted the murder.Four of the gang w

NEWARK, New Jersey Serial Killer Donates A Kidney

NEWARK, New Jersey Serial Killer Donates A Kidney -- A judge has agreed to allow a New Jersey serial killer to donate a kidney, but the donor and his doctors have to meet conditions.Superior Court Judge Paul W. Armstrong did not say when Charles Cullen might undergo the operation to r


DAYTONA BEACH Serial Killer — Police in Daytona Beach have more on their minds this year than usual as they brace for the annual onslaught of sun and fun loving college kids headed to this beachfront Mecca for spring break.They're looking for a serial killer, who in just the pas

Narcotics Suspect Gary Brunner Walks in Police Station

SOUTHEAST — It's not often that the target of a narcotics investigation walks into police headquarters to ask if there are any warrants for his arrest.But that's exactly what drug trafficking suspect Gary Brunner of Carmel did when he app

RFK Killer up for parole

FRESNO, California (AP) -- Robert F. Kennedy's killer is eligible for parole this week, and the decision could ultimately rest with Arnold Schwarzenegger, a potential conflict for the governor because he is married to the victim's niece.Sirhan Sirhan shot Kennedy on June 5, 1968, m

Criminal Penalties

Personally I think any involving drugs and or alcohol are too weak.None too harsh imoAlso id say those people that do harm to kids get off to easy, and i dont care what they get, it isnt enoughI think all drunk drivers are potential murderers, and need to be de

Army opens criminal probe

WASHINGTON -- The Army said Saturday it will launch a criminal investigation into the April 2004 death of Pat Tillman, the former professional football player who was shot to death by fellow soldiers in Afghanistan in what previous Army reviews had concluded was an accidental shooting.

Mary, Frank, and Michael Columbo were all shot

On May 4th, 1976, Mary, Frank, and Michael Columbo were all shot and bludgeoned to death in their Elk Grove Village, IL home by their 19 year old daughter, Patricia Columbo, and her 37 year old lover, Frank DeLuca. The bodies were not found until

Phoenix Metro Serial Killer

Has anyone heard anymore info on the 2 serial killers running around the Phoenix Metropolitan area ? This is the first time that I have ever heard of 2 serial killers running around in one city. I wonder if this will get as exciting as when Richard Ramirez was serial killing out in Los Angele

Jamaican / U.S. Extradition Removed

EXTRADITIONS TO BE REMOVED FROM RMsPlan for High Court HearingsThe government is to remove extradition hearings from magistrates and place them in the hands of High Court judges in a radical procedural change which the authorities say is aimed at speeding up cases and protecting

The Globally Harmonized System of dangerous goods labeling

The Globally Harmonized System of dangerous goods labelingIs ArtikelbildDie basis for fast and optimal coping with an insert in a comprehensive exploration. This design is mainly in the initial phase in operations with chemical substances and compounds difficult because usually only a

Gibberish spam that many encounter

Below is some gibberish spam that people may run into all over the web. Basically, the poster just scrambles / spins the words with a thusaurus and the result is gibberish that's hard to understand. --- SL Green Realty has agreed to learn more about go and buy in just minutes to

Fake ID scam poping up everywhere

This is a fake ID scam we came across in a few different places: We produced good quality counterfeit money in every currencies of your request, we produce Euros, Dollars, and pounds We are the best producer of quality fake documents. With over 12million of out docu
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