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PhotoScope    600-1800mm (35mm eq) fixed lens    f/2.4-3.3    7MP    OLED screen    weighs 3kg    The PhotoScope™ enables the simultaneous observation an

Photokina APS-C Sensors - Germany

Wheter or not the APS-C format will be continued in the future has been discussed before. After Photokina more manufacturars go for the full-format sensor. M

Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Panisonic, Pixel sensors

Todays L.A. Times business section, tiny part of page, headlined under Patents. Page C3 column one. "Canon Inc. and Nikon Corp. were sued by Caltech and accus

RPP 3.8

More performance improvements - faster saving for all multi CPU systems. Special support for systems with more than 2 CPUs (this means Mac Pro) for donators. Very significant performance improvements in preview generation and saving from 2 to 6 tim

S3Photopro Tech

S3Photopro Tech: Photo enhancing application , that enhances photos , showcases GPU performance, vs CPU, but still runs on standards CPU's. Said to run 100x faster on a chrome GPU than CPU, but still only takes a second or 2 on my core2duo I quite like the output, but wonder what it is

Canon / Nikon DSLR tests

I definitely don't take up anymore the way the sharpness/definition in RAW and JPEG is tested by DPR. As I've told it so many times, the lenses are essential to the final result, and judging something without PRECISELY define each step and each element is not fair. I'm a Canon

Samsung Hybrid Hoya

Now that Hoya has publicly downsized expectations, Samsung is left finding a way to grow in digital cameras. Since Canon and Nikon dominate APS-C in DSLR'S, that leaves a competition, using new technology, against Olympus and Panasonic as the alternative - note their rationale for a lighter-

Flappy Bird Game Withdrawn By Developer

It is an extraordinary case : The last is the most popular smartphone game " Flappy Bird" was withdrawn by its developer by market - because it had become too successful." It makes my simple life broken," Dong Nguyen wrote the short message service Twitter. " So I hate it now. " On Su

Digital DSLRs

Who strikes the right moment , saving when buying a digital camera a lot of money : the case of digital DSLRs , system cameras and compact discounts of more than 60 percent are in it! Particularly favorable models for which there is already a successor.A low price alone is not a crite

Fritzbox Routers

The weaknesses in numerous Fritzbox routers are found. Manufacturer AVM now provides updates available , which Fritzbox users can close the gap. About the gap hackers had broken into a few hundred cases in the router and had its own expensive telephone numbers dialed.Are the updates i

Germans argue over Apple Complaints

Even for the richest IT company in the world that Apple Computer Bauer , are 1.57 billion euros nothing to sneeze at . This sum in royalties for a mobile technology demands of the German patent rights exploiters IPCom of Californians . Apple's phones violated with a function that even in congeste

Chinese Technology in Germany

The largest Chinese direct investment in Germany is ripe : The state-owned enterprises Weichai Power increases with 738 million euros a while Wiesbaden forklift manufacturer Kion .For 467 million euros Weichai buys 25 percent of Kion shares how both company announced rushed in Wiesbad

New vehicle technology and the red fire helmet

New vehicle technology and the red fire helmetAs of today, the RESCUE DAYS ended for this year. However, before tomorrow RESCUE RESCUE TRAINING DAYS UPGRADE and the bus and car / TRANSPORTER finish the whole event was on another full day practice. A total of eight stations ran by the

Microsift trying to catch up with others technology

Microsoft Corp. is clearly trying to turn into another company - one that will push quickly to customer requirements while not roll back their efforts, their massive windows Empire in a touchscreen world.This is remarkable for a company that once probably had all the computing market

Windows 8.1 reviewed

The majority of the build conference held in San Francisco, is concentrated to improvements and changes in the next update of the Windows operating system called Windows 8.1. Chief Executive Steve Ballmer said the company has a new "rapid release" approach to get better accepted appeal to develop
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