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A traditional alfredo receipe

Fettuccine Alfredo Butter 250g    Grated Parmesan cheese 350 g    Salt 1/8 tsp.    Pasta cooking water: enough to cover pasta and allow a little extra for evaporation    Pepper (optional) 1/

3 Different receipe s for delicious mini crab cakes

Mini Crab cakes  /feeds  6 people     300g canned crab     2 cloves garlic     3 eggs     130 g flour     90 g of grated cheese   

Putin s issue with Syria Part 2

Over the past two years, Putin hoped Assad would do the same thing that Putin once did in Chechnya, to crush the rebellion of the opposition. Remembering the brutal suppression of the uprising Hafez al-Assad, Bashar's father, Putin suggested that the regime did not have any problems with the pres

Putin s issues with Syria Part 1

The Syrian crisis has become the best illustration of imperfection reset policy relations between the US and Russia, which conducted the Obama administration. During the year, the US tried to cooperate with Russia to find a way to put an end to violence in Syria. Moscow flatly refused to support

Slovakia has a right to refuse Muslim refugees

Slovakia has announced it will not accept any Muslim refugees because the Slovak politicians justify themselves by explaining that there are very few Muslims in Slovakia, there are no mosques, so that these Muslim refugees could not integrate. Indeed, Muslims account for only 0.2% of the populati

Concerns about Muslim refugees

"During the summer months of 2014, the Eastern Aegean islands have been faced with a dramatic increase in refugee arrivals. The horrific developments in the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, Palestine) are known and the state of emergency in the area internationally recognized. Perhaps now more than ever

Catholic Pope prays to Mecca

Benedict took off his shoes, a pair of white slippers were placed, entered the Blue Mosque in Istanbul and, once inside, stopped at the point facing Mecca and prayed for a minute. The power of the image and its implications were such that immediately broke out in the papal entourage some heady By

Converted Muslims seek help

In Germany, bullied and persecuted Christians, simply because they are Christians? Fleeing Islamist terror militias in Syria and now also Iraq save more and more desperate Oriental Christians to Germany; only to be tortured as an asylum seeker sometimes by Islamists and threatened. The show joint

Refugees in Serbia

Since the reopening of the Serbian-Croatian border and more people came into the EU country than ever before in one day. Serbian media are celebrating the war rhetoric. In Croatia so many refugees have arrived as ever in one day on Friday. The Interior Ministry said on Saturday o

Where is the best place to find a good deal shopping?

  Thrift stores ,resale, Goodwill are all savy shopping spots. Goodwill doubles as a community bonus since it gives back to others by providing jobs and job education. Goodwill is also a find anything store. You can buy furniture, toys, baby clothes, jackets, name brand purses, etc. at all l

CS4 Training review

I just finished the entire Kelby Training series of videos about CS4, and I don't see much there that I really need. The main emphasis seems to be making it easier for people who like icons and toolbars rather than menus and keyboard shortcuts. That's not me, so they missed me there. F


PhotoScope    600-1800mm (35mm eq) fixed lens    f/2.4-3.3    7MP    OLED screen    weighs 3kg    The PhotoScope™ enables the simultaneous observation an

Photokina APS-C Sensors - Germany

Wheter or not the APS-C format will be continued in the future has been discussed before. After Photokina more manufacturars go for the full-format sensor. M

Canon, Nikon, Minolta, Panisonic, Pixel sensors

Todays L.A. Times business section, tiny part of page, headlined under Patents. Page C3 column one. "Canon Inc. and Nikon Corp. were sued by Caltech and accus

RPP 3.8

More performance improvements - faster saving for all multi CPU systems. Special support for systems with more than 2 CPUs (this means Mac Pro) for donators. Very significant performance improvements in preview generation and saving from 2 to 6 tim
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